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Modular home builder provides solutions for Sandy-affected homeowners and investors

EGG HARBOR CITY – After a seven-year hiatus, a local modular homebuilder is back in business offering solutions for Sandy-affected property owners and investors looking for a quick turn-around.

Patty Hydock, owner of Jersey Coast Modular Homes, has set up shop at her Victorian home in Egg Harbor City, which includes a storefront where modular home buyers can select options for baseline or high-end cabinetry, fixtures, flooring and siding.

Hydock is offering purchasers a new, state-of-the-art option that will protect the home against termites, mold, wood rot and fire. Eco Red Shield in an innovative and eco-friendly solution that coats framing lumber, joists, exterior trim and plywood with a protective shield that controls moisture, increasing the life expectancy of the home.

Hydock uses two modular home manufacturers in Pennsylvania.

“Both will be offering Eco Red Shield,” she said. “This is miracle stuff that we can offer as an upgrade to our buyers.”

Hydock is currently working with several buyers, one of which is an investor who purchased a severely Sandy-damaged home in Ventnor City, tore it down and will replace it with a high-end Cape Cod styled home, which will fetch upwards of $500,000.

“Building a modular home is faster, easier and cleaner. You don’t have to worry about contractors showing up. While your site work is being done, the house is being built in a factory by highly skilled workers who have the process down to a science,” she said.

The entire process, depending on how long it takes to get permits, can be completed in about four months, she said.

Jersey Coast offers two options for modular homebuyers.

“We can do deliver and set, or turnkey,” Hydock said.

With a deliver and set purchase, the buyer meets with Hydock at her White Horse Pike satellite office to pick a wide range of options for cabinets, countertops, flooring, colors, siding and roofing. The home is manufactured at the plant and delivered to the buyer’s location.

“We show up with our set and crane crew, and set the house on their foundation. Then, we lift the roof and add the shingles. The homeowner does their own siding, HVAC, and electrical and plumbing hook-ups,” she said.

The turnkey option includes everything from site work and building the foundation, to finish work and making all the connections. Turnkey projects include a 10-year New Jersey Homebuilders Home Owners Warranty.

Hydock was in the modular homebuilding business from 1995 to 2006, but closed when the recession hit.

“I wish I had never closed it,” Hydock said. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to compete with all the foreclosures.”

She got back into the business earlier this year and has closed two homes since March.

“People hit by Hurricane Sandy already own their properties and are looking for an affordable, quicker way to get back into their homes, so we got back into the business,” Hydock said.

Hydock can work with existing homeowners to replace damaged homes, or can work a project for new homebuyers.

“I can get the land, build the house and even list it for an investor,” she said.

Jersey Coast Modular Homes, which builds throughout South Jersey and the Jersey Shore, is located at 100 Washington Avenue in Egg Harbor City.

For information, call Patty Hydock at 609-703-0034, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit The company can also be found on Facebook.